If you are looking for innovative Business Solutions, results-driven Sales Staff or Retail Merchandisers and Installers with flair and originality, look no further. 

FIT Merchandising are exceptional providers of the above, acting as a connection point between the Retail Industry and Wholesalers – (Manufacturers/Distributors).

Demonstrations and Tactical Teams are also services offered by FIT, where a unique, customised approach is taken when choosing Sales Professionals that FIT your particular company. 

FIT Merchandising choose to represent a select number of Suppliers and this ensures your company receives the appropriate amount of attention and time required to reach and potentially exceed your Sales Targets and maximise your Sales.

Are you in need of Merchandising Services that are handled with flair, so that the products you display are arranged in such a way that is pleasing to the eye, and catches the attention of the customer? 

FIT Merchandising specialises in the highest level of Sales and Merchandising Services.

We deliver a personalised, good “old fashioned” service with the main focus being upon the Hardware Industry, Bunnings and other complementary outlets.